Download key generator for DreamScene Videos plus Dreamscene Patch for Windows 7

DreamScene Videos plus Dreamscene Patch for Windows 7 - x86 and x64

Windows DreamScene is a Windows Ultimate Extra. Windows Ultimate Extras are designed for Windows Vista Ultimate customers to extend Windows features to make using your computer more fun. With Windows DreamScene, you can change your desktop background to a video clip, which runs in a continuous loop to make your desktop come to life.

The patch is to make Windows Dreamscene work for Windows 7.

How to Install DreamScene in Windows 7

1) First, you need to have Aero enabled. Youll know Aero is enabled if youre able to preview windows in your taskbar, use Aero Peek, or see the animation effects of windows minimizing. If you think Aero isnt enabled, open the Start menu, and type in Aero. Click on Find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects and go through the wizard. The wizard will determine whether your computer is capable of having Aero on.

2) Choose the patch for 32-bit or 64-bit. Run the patch and let it do its thing. When its finished, explorer.exe will restart. If it doesnt restart, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and click on Task Manager. Right click on explorer.exe and click on End Task. Then click on File, New Task, type in explorer.exe and press OK.

3) Before you start adding videos, you need to make sure that your videos are in .wmv or .mpg format.