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When your expertise is needed, you shouldn’t have to worry about distance, disparate operating systems, or different networks and security. Netop Remote Control provides one intuitive interface for complex remote maintenance and user support across more platforms and devices than any other remote control product. Netop Remote Control features industry leading encryption and the most comprehensive security system on the market. And when it comes to security you are in charge; you decide who can delete files, upload new files, change system settings, etc. You can rest assured that your remote sessions and vital information are safe from unauthorized access.

Netop Remote Control was one of the first products to give IT administrators the ability to see and control computers from a remote location. Our leadership in the field combined with 20 years of customers feedback has guided our development and refinement of the most comprehensive, secure and flexible remote control solution on the market today. Netop Remote Control delivers more than any competing product available. What does this mean for your organization? Improved IT productivity and reduced costs.

Full Remote Control
You are in control with a host desktop that can display as full screen or a window. Utilize host control via keyboard and mouse, and execute remote commands and programs, as well as log-off, switch-off, reboot and Wake-on-LAN. Multiple concurrent sessions provide simultaneous access of multiple guest users to the same host.

Complex Remote Management
Full access to system control, services, registry, task manager, event logs, approvals and consoles make Netop Remote Control a versatile tool.

Broad Platform Support
Netop Remote Control includes software for management of all current platforms (Windows, DOS, MAC, Linux, OS/2, Solaris) including support of terminal servers, mobile units and embedded devices (optional).

Bidirectional File Transfer
The system includes a high-performance file manager with drag and drop support for copying, moving, synchronizing and cloning of files.

Extensive inventory
Netop Remote Control helps manage your inventory by providing remote collection of hardware and software information.

Intel vPro support
Our system allows you to remotely control computers before the operating system is loaded or even if no operating system is available. Power it on/off. Enter and change BIOS settings. Install an operating system from an installer based on the guest computer. We make it easy.

Simply Automate
Netop Remote Control makes automation easy with simple scripting of scheduled tasks (e.g., data transfers or inventory scanning).

Help Request Mode
Simple request for technical support by the user at the help desk is provided. Netop Remote Control is firewall-friendly through optional use of HTTP protocol via port 80.

Flexible Connectivity
You can easily connect through the Internet with no need to configure firewalls, routers or proxies.

Session Record for compliance
The system comprehensively records all activity on host and guest computers. Optional recording of complete sessions as video files.

Central Installation
Central, network-wide roll-out of the Netop Hosts with help of the Netop Pack ’n Deploy.

Diverse Communication Protocols
Netop supports of all current communication protocols (e.g., TCP/IP, UDP, IPX, NetBios, dial-in connections, infrared and Terminal Server).

Leading Security Functions
Netop encrypts all data traffic with 256-bit AES, 2048-bit dynamic key exchange and supports leading authentication and authorization systems such as Smartcards, RSA Secure ID and Directory Services. Remote login using Smartcard.

High Scalability
Netop Remote Control can be scaled to any network size by means of special functions such as flexible group management, telephone book function and deployment of the Security Server. Integration in Directory Service, inclusion in existing management systems is possible.

Netop Remote Control enables remote collection of all hardware and software information in an XML file for remote diagnosis and fast troubleshooting.

Simply Automate
Make your own scripts for automation of scheduled tasks (e.g., data transfers or inventory scanning at predefined times to and from Netop modules).

Central installation
Make standard MSI packages and perform easy network-wide rollout of Netop modules with Netop Pack'n Deploy.