Download key generator for Pinnacle Studio Bonus Content 17 For Version 12-14 DVD5.2010

Large collection of effects and add-ons for Pinnacle Studio 12th and 14y versii.Vse these additions significantly extend the program Pinnacle Studio, which will allow you to increase your creative potential, and a huge set of special effects will help better and more productive to work on footage.

List of effects and plug-ins that are included in this collection: Pinnacle Hollywood FX Volume 1-3

Pinnacle Premium Pack Volume 1-2

Pinnacle RTFX Volume 2

Pinnacle ScoreFitter Volume 1-2

Pinnacle Themes Winter Pack

Pinnacle Title Extreme

Program & Video Plugins: Boris Graffiti 5.2.3

Video Plugins: BS Effects

Video Plugins: BWPlugins Pack 1-3

Video Plugins: Bravo Studio Pack 1-3

Video Plugins: Camera POV

Video Plugins: Canal +

Video Plugins: Dziedzic Pack

Video Plugins: FX

Video Plugins: KHT

Video Plugins: MisterZ

Video Plugins: Neat Video 2.21

Video Plugins: NewBlue Video

Video Plugins: Pixelan CreativEase 1.0

Video Plugins: Pixelan SpiceMASTER Pro 2.5

Video Plugins: Stage Tools

Video Plugins: Vance Effects

Video Plugins: Vdub2RTFx

Video Plugins: Vdub2RTFx TimeCode

Video Plugins: WL Filter

Sound Plugins: Alien

Sound Plugins: BIAS SoundSoap 2.01

Sound Plugins: ComboVox

Sound Plugins: NewBlue Audio Bonus Pack

Sound Plugins: NewBlue Audio Enhancements 1

Sound Plugins: NewBlue Audio Essentials 1-4

Pixel 63 Alpha Magic Pack 1 (1189 gradient transitions)

Pixel 63 Alpha Magic Pack 2 (1000 gradient transitions)

Pixel 63 Montage Themes Pack 1

Pixel 63 Montage Themes Pack 2

System requirements: Preinstalled with Pinnacle Studio 14y or 12th version.

Year: 2010

Developer: Pinnacle Studio

OS: Windows * XP / Vista / Seven

Interface Language: ENG | RUS