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VirtuaGirlHD Full Models 2010 (a0120-a0140) DVD 5 - Unique models VirtuaGirlHD and StripSaver of companies Totem Entertainment, complete with scenes of strippers on your desktop. At that time, as you do your job, devchenki through opredelennnoe time out and cheer you - from strippers to a simple exciting dance on a chair. You can disable strip and include just a beautiful dance. Girls and always on top and you can follow any responses to enjoy them during normal use of the computer. Comes in a simplified version, everything is simple: install, add, run and enjoy!

VirtuaGirl HD 2010 - Strippers on your desktop and screensaver is a video player play video files in a specific format on the desktop and the screensaver mode. After installing the program is embedded in the system tray, just click the pointer on the icon and the show begins. The main advantages of this program, the existence of a large number of additional features and flexible configuration.

It is a standalone video player with visualization of erotic strip dance beautiful models on the desktop of your monitor. After installation, it is embedded in the system tray, and at any moment to request a new girl come to the podium to dance for you a private striptease. Even the most stubborn skeptics that art will not remain indifferent.

The CD: * Models (a0120-a0140) complete!

* Screenshots models

* Description

Information: Year: 2010

Developer: Totem Entertainment

Cost: 50-60 Euro per Full Models

System: Windows * 2000 | XP | Vista | Se7en

Interface: English

Medicine: Integrated

Disc format: ISO DVD-5

VIP - PLIM0a3d4fb