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Homegrown Sounds Organic Chaos MULTiFORMAT

This sample CD contains Constructive and Destructive elements to grungify and elevate your musical projects. The pads and textures comprising. ORGANIC CHAOS have all been remixed by an unknown deity residing in a distant galaxy, a master of otherworldy orchestrations and evocative ambience, a being whose sonic powers can re-inspire artistic creativity at the touch of a key, and whose earthly reference points include, among others, Autechre, Faust, Sun Ra and Apocalypse Now.

This is one of the back catalogue from Homegrown that were catching up with and was recorded in a distant galaxy by an unknown deity. Or at least thats how I understood the accompanying blurb. Its a more textural adventure with 200 often very long samples - plenty of room for editing then - all of which evoke all sort of atmospheres, usually on the dark side. There are rattles, drones, piercing pads and occasional rhythmic elements that sound like distant trains passing through underground sc-fi cities (like, Ive actually heard that kind of thing living in Bath).