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Symphonic Strings is the latest orchestral string mega library to hit the market from developer Sonic Implants, based out of Arlington, Massachusetts. Quite deserving of the term mega library. Recorded by Emmy winning engineer Antonio Oliart and RIAA award winning engineer John Bono, the Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings library has been designed around the concept of a practical, yet comprehensive string set to allow composers to evoke the essence of a string orchestra with unsurpassed clarity, color and ease of use.

Also according to Sonic Implants, the strings here have been recorded with instruments and members from the Boston Pops and Boston Ballet Orchestras, with samples from all sections including 1st violins, 2nd violins, violas, cellos and basses with grouped ensemble programs available as well.

The list of sampled articulations is extensive with legato and espressivo legato, tremolo ordinaire, tremolo sul ponticello, con sordino, staccato, spiccato, pizzicato (tight, loose and snap), pizzicato harmonics, Col Legno, bowed harmonics, whole step/half step strills and sound effects (glissandi, scratching, knocking, wide tremolo, tone clusters, and behind the bridge playing for instance).

Sound Design Team

All programming was done exclusively in-house at Sonic Implants studios. Sonic Implants team of five sound designers worked in close consort throughout all aspects of production to ensure a consistent sound throughout the entire project. Very limited processing was utilized in preserving the natural recorded sound.

Technical Specifications

24bit-48k recordings. B&K 4011 front microphones with Schoeps CMC-6Ug and Neumann U87 spot microphones were utilized to capture a rich balance of spatial and instrument detail. Recorded with Benchmark preamps and Troisi A/D converters direct to Tascam DA98HR digital multi-track.


In keeping with our basic design philosophy, we created an assemblage of instruments within each section and articulation that is comprehensive yet practical; providing the user with an abundance of options while avoiding unnecessary duplication and superfluous programming. Youll also find that we kept the instrument list identical between sections to ensure a uniform consistency that will reduce the time you spend managing this collection and greatly increase the time you spend enjoying it.

The Sound

Much care was taken in the recording process to deliver a refined sound both spatially and harmonically. Because of this, no additional EQ or panning enhancements should be necessary, of course the option is there. Reverb can be added as lightly or heavily as desired, or none at all.

Section Versatility

Each string section was recorded in its traditional position within the orchestra for a full stereo sound. User defined panning possible without stereo phase degradation. Programming allows for small or large section sound.

Dynamics and Phrasing

Up to 4 dynamic levels recorded for each articulation. Down and Up bows recorded for tone and phrasing variation. Very authentic. Very playable. Giga programmed for quick transitions between articulations.

Release Samples

Release samples included to preserve the natural string instrument resonance and subtle ambient decay of the room. These samples simply trigger when you lift the keys. The difference? Now youre playing instruments, not samples.*

Sections Included

1st Violins, 2nd Violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses, all recorded in their natural positions within the orchestra.

Instrument Ranges

Full ranges recorded. Harmonic tones extend the ranges even further.


Sustained tones for legato playing at all dynamic levels. 4 velocity levels, down & up bows, release samples.

Legatos Espressivo

Sustained tones with deep vibratos and expressive phrasing. 2 velocity levels, down bows, release samples.

Bowed Tremolo Ordinaire

Sustained tremolo tones. Soft velocities are dark and mysterious, loud velocities are bright and dramatic. 3 velocity levels, down bows, release samples.

Bowed Tremolo Sul Ponticello

Sustained tremolo tones bowed near the bridge for that classic sul ponticello sound. 3 velocity levels, down bows, release samples.

Bowed Half Step Trills

Sustained half step trills. 3 velocity levels, down bows, release samples.

Bowed Whole Step Trills

Sustained whole step trills. 3 velocity levels, down bows, release samples.

Con Sordino (Mutes)

Sustained tones with string mutes on. 3 velocity levels, down bows, release samples.


Short staccato tones for accented, 4 velocity levels including sfz "frog", down & up bows.


Short spiccato tones for fast and light musical phrases. 2 velocity levels, down & up bows.

Pizzicato Tight

Ensemble Pizzicato tones played tightly together.

Pizzicato Loose

Ensemble pizzicato tones with natural slightly staggered attacks. 3 velocity levels.

Pizzicato Snap

The snap brings a velocity 4th layer to the ensemble pizzicato instruments.

Pizzicato Harmonics

Pizzicato harmonics, natural and artificial techniques, 1 velocity level. Cello and bass sections only.

Col Legno

Col legno tones played using the hair and wood of the bow. 2 velocity levels.

Bowed Harmonics Natural

Natural bowed harmonics. 1 velocity level, down bows, release samples.

Bowed Harmonics Artificial

Artificial harmonics, complete keyrange. 1 velocity level, down bows, release samples.

Sound Effects and Glissandi

A huge variety of sound effects covering common and not so common techniques including glissandi, harmonic glissandi, scratching, knocking, behind the bridge playing, random time effects, wide tremolos, tone clusters and more.


* Media: DVD


* Giga

* Kontakt