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Geometric Technologies CAMWorks 2009 SP3.2 / 2010 SP0.2 (x86/x64)-Lz0

CAMWorks - one of the most advanced and intelligent systems for creating NC programs for machining of solids (programs milling, turning, turning, milling and wire EDM). In CAMWorks implemented full associativity with the geometry of all the changes in the environment of SolidWorks.

The following types of machines: * milling with simultaneous control of two ÷ five axles;

* CNC single-and duplex, with one or two slides, with a programmable servo-mechanism (tailstocks, lunettes, catcher details ...);

* Turning and Milling single and duplex, with one or two slides, with a programmable servo-mechanism, with simultaneous control of two ÷ five axles;

* Erosion of the two-and chetyrehosevye.

Treatment is carried out directly in SolidWorks and directly on the model of SolidWorks. The results of the programmer are stored in the same model parts or assemblies SolidWorks. This provides full associativity of the model and the tool path that leads to the automatic renewal of all the trajectories of the tool during the model changes. When you add in the SolidWorks model of any process data, such as the designation of roughness, base, tolerances of form and position of surfaces, tolerances on dimensions, engineer-programmer always has immediate access to them, which facilitates the selection scheme based on the machine parts and selection of required provide a given quality of parts of the tool and cutting conditions. The part can be easily adapted to the needs of processing by, for example, avoiding redundancies in terms of processing elements of geometry or by applying to the executive size models in the middle of the field for admission. While working with the SolidWorks assembly can perform a joint processing of multiple parts, program processing a series of items, or just completely simulate all the real situation on the machine table - all of snap-in, logging of any complexity, and so on - for the most complete account the realities of treatment at the earliest stages creation of the program.

In his work CAMWorks uses an intelligent database that stores and provides the user as needed different kind of technological information. First of all, a library of tools, materials and cutting conditions and machine tools. In addition, in the same database stored library of standardized enterprise strategies, or processes, treatment. Processing strategies in CAMWorks - a set of operations, conceived to carry out the details of the item, the default values of all parameters of each operation (the scheme and the processing step, allowances, the plane hits, the rules of incision into the material supply and removal tool, and so on), the rules recruiting tool for each operation, rules for the selection of cutting conditions. All libraries are available immediately with the initial filling, allowing immediately after installation to begin work. All libraries can be modified and supplemented by the user.

In CAMWorks the principle of processing-element that allows you to logically divide made details on the elements of different types of both the number of axes and by type of topology, the prismatic elements and each element of its strategy to select treatment. All selected items on the elements presented in the form of a tree of elements, similar to Tree Constructing SolidWorks. Accordingly, all processing operations are also presented as a tree of Operations with the last group of selected areas of processing. CAMWorks module is equipped with a mechanism of automatic recognition of prismatic elements, such as holes, pockets, grooves, protrusions, including chatsichno open, sloping, with upper and lower rounded and chamfered, as well as multi-holes. Dimensional parameters of the recognized elements may be used in the rules of selection tool and, if necessary, to adjust the depth of treatment as compared with the real geometry of the model element.

Items that are not recognized automatically, as well as items that need to process a specific way, can be identified online. They exist and are used along with automatically recognized, including the finished earlier natsroennyh processing strategies. If the database is not suitable finished processing strategies can always be online to add the required processing operation of each element. All parameters as derived from the data library, and added manually operations can be arbitrarily changed in sootvektstvii with the requirements of each specific details.

The module supports the configuration of CAMWorks and SolidWorks also provides an opportunity for each model configuration SolidWorks to create multiple configurations of processing that can be stored in a model of different treatment options are one piece, or even data processing on multiple machines. The results of simulation processing on a single machine can be used as a billet for processing on another machine.

CAMWorks provides all the necessary range of service operations, such as grouping of machined elements or processing operations, sorting within each set, and with the alternation of setting within the work of one taken in a shop tool, renumbering tool output in the text of the program user-defined parameters, the job parameters and the withdrawal of special service operations, such as the involvement of machine tools and measurement cycles, and so on. There editor tool path.

As the workpiece can be used marker parallelepipiedy and cylinders, sketches the contours of turning and milling blanks, stl-files and other details of SolidWorks (for operation in the assembly). Material procurement, directly influencing the calculation of cutting conditions selected from the same integrated technology database.

Module CAMWorks calculates the current state of the workpiece on the result of the operation and takes account of its form in subsequent operations, thus excluding the so-called "cutting the air and reducing the processing time by eliminating unnecessary movements of the instrument.

Check processing results in two ways: Go to simulation mode cutting or running a full simulation of machine. In the first case, at any time during the simulation of material removal CAMWorks will quantify the results of processing performed by displaying in the form of color diagrams of the remnants of the material. The comparison is carried out directly with the model of SolidWorks, but not with some special its representation in a neutral format, which ensures the adequacy of such an analysis. The results of the simulation process can be saved as a model for subsequent use. In the case of the mechanism of imitation of the machine tool can identify and eliminate all the possible collision of moving and stationary parts of the machine and the part itself, which is especially important when multiaxis milling.

At the end of CAMWorks generates the actual control program for the machine and file a report on the results of treatment. The form of this report can be customized according to the preferences of the programmer. Module CAMWorks is always supplied with the generator postprocessors and hundreds of templates for postprocessors ubiquitous in the world control racks.

When programming, Milling-used on machines with all applicable types of work: Roughing plane workpiece;

Roughing and Contouring of 2-axis machining of prismatic components;

Rough 3-axis machining;

Finish 3 -, 4 - and 5-axis machining with more than a dozen different schemes of the tool;

Multipass 4 - and 5-axis machining;

Drilling material for roughing;

Center the drilling, sealing washer, boring, deployment of holes;

Threading taps;


Engraving on the plane and the surface;

Processing for 3-axis machines with a single rotational axis;

Performance measurement by means of programmable machine;

Involves limiting the depth of processing, as well as the exclusio