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Teach Me Piano Deluxe* | 380MB

Teach Me Piano Deluxe takes piano lessons to the next level! Not only will you learn to play more than 75 classic songs, but you'll receive instruction on music theory, learn about the history of keyboards, and have access to an array of tools for composing, arranging and recording your own music. Includes all of the features of the best-selling Teach Me Piano, plus a whole lot more!
• Instructor Hugh Berberich walks you through 150 lessons -- watch his hands and duplicate their movements as you learn to play
• Learn to play 75 popular songs, through the video-animated lessons
• Work with a full recording studio - mixing boards, level meters, transport function and other high-tech aspects of recording yourself
• Understand important piano concepts like intervals, bars, and sharps & flats -- all explained in a clear and concise manner
• Begin reading music notation in just a few lessons