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SolidCAM - CAD / CAM system developed by a new generation of Israeli firm SolidCAM Ltd (official distributor in Russia - Consistent Software). This system is a complete solution for automating the production of metal. Using a wide range of proposed strategies SolidCAM turning, milling, turning and milling and spark erosion machining process engineer can in a short time to prepare the necessary set of CNC machining products.
You can appreciate sluduyuschie version, supplements and the following software products:
• InventorCAM 2010 (Solidcam)
• SolidCAM 2008 R12 SP2.1 Eng + Rus
• SolidCAM - demonstration of the program
• SolidCAM 2009 SP5 (2010) - Added - 05/07/2010

InventorCAM 2010 (Solidcam)
Year: 2009
Compatibility with Vista: Yes
Language: English + Russian
Tabletka: Present

Description: InventorCAM 2010 is fully integrated with the software, which is part of Autodesk Inventor Suite 2010 and Autodesk Inventor Professional 2010. Russian users are fully localized certified technological solution for the preparation of a graphical environment Autodesk Inventor of CNC machining on machine tools with numerical control (CNC).

Sharing InventorCAM and Autodesk Inventor is a fully featured integrated solution for design, modeling and design of products, production of design documentation and programming of machining on CNC machines.

Advantages of using an integrated set of Autodesk Inventor + InventorCAM can reduce training costs and increase production speed and quality of machining, which in turn will lead to the success of your company. Using the introduction of a modular program InventorCAM allows for re-production stages and flexibly.

Extras. Information: InventorCAM supports a variety of treatment strategies for elements such as contour, pocket (with islands) and the groove. Module of automatic recognition holes can automate the processing of parts with many holes. It supports various types of processing holes: drilling, reaming, threading, etc. The program has a wide range of opportunities for the 2.5-axis machining of analytic surfaces. Full control of tool path in conjunction with the most powerful algorithm allows the user to perform processing as much as he needed.
• Interactive and automatic creation of technology transition for 2.5-axis machining models Autodesk Inventor
• Processing of residual material
• Automatic detection and treatment of holes and pockets
• Thread-

3-axis milling in InventorCAM used for the manufacture of prismatic parts as well as parts of complex shape. While working on prismatic parts, the system automatically analyzes the geometry of the model and defines the contours and pockets for subsequent processing to step on the axis Z. InventorCAM provides various types of strategies for roughing and finishing, including high-speed milling and refining sites, not treated in previous transitions. Regardless of the complexity of the model, the system provides optimal roughing and high-quality finishing in the processing of molds, dies and electrodes.
• Ideal solution for handling prismatic parts
• Automatic detection of flat and vertical sections of the processing
• Integrated treatment of residual material
• Trochoidal handling and processing plunge in crude passes

InventorCAM provides a wide range of strategies for turning, such as radial and mechanical turning, grooving processing, processing of axial holes and threading. InventorCAM automatically calculates the residual material after each transition of turning that optimizes the trajectory of the tool and reduce the length of idle movements. InventorCAM supports all the cycles turning.

Module integrated turning-milling treatment allows the programming of milling and turning transitions in a single environment. InventorCAM allows you to use all the strategies 2.5 - 5-axis milling operation to create control programs for all types of turning and milling machining centers including machining spindle.

Using positional capabilities of 4 - and 5-axis machining of medium InventorCAM improves the efficiency and productivity of production by reducing the number setting required for processing parts from different sides. InventorCAM allows you to set the direction of positional processing, using the geometry model, Autodesk Inventor. The system automatically calculates all the necessary movements and angles of positional co-ordinate systems with respect to zero details.

InventorCAM provides the flexibility of adjustment and reduces the need to use special fixtures. 2,5 - and 3-axis milling transitions can be defined to handle any surface and tested with the help of improved methods of visualization tool path. The result of InventorCAM - Ready control program for positional treatment for 4 - and 5-axis CNC machines.
Continuous 5-axis machining is becoming more popular due to reduction of processing time, surface quality improvement after treatment and the economical use of the resource tools. InventorCAM offers a wide range of processing strategies, advanced visualization and verification of tool path.

InventorCAM provide rational and effective strategies, including treatment of the lateral surface of the cutters for the processing of such geometrically complex parts, as matrices and punches molds, aircraft parts, cutting tools, cylinder heads, turbine blades and propellers. InventorCAM enables realistic visualization of a process using a machine model and tool, which allows the verification of the displacement of all nodes of the machine with a view to preventing possible collisions.

Strategy wire spark processing, the proposed InventorCAM, allows processing of external and internal contours of constant and variable slopes. In addition, the system provides 4-axis machining. A special algorithm to prevent the fall of the treated material. The user is provided controls physical processing parameters on the entire path of the wire.

System requirements:
Operating system Microsoft * Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 (recommended)
Microsoft * Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 or 4
• Processor Intel * Pentium ™, Intel * Xeon ™, Intel * Core ™, Intel * Core ™ 2 Duo, Intel * Core ™ 2 Quad, AMD * Athlon ™,
AMD Athlon ™ X2 (recommended).
• 1 GB or more RAM (recommended 2 GB or more for larger projects or processing)
• Graphics card with support for OpenGL (recommended 512 MB of memory), a mouse or other pointing device
• CD-ROM drive
• Internet Explorer 6 if you use the online help system InventorCAM
• Adobe Acrobat 8.1.2 or later to view the guide "What's new?"
Size: 580.22 Mb
SolidCAM 2008 R12 SP2.1 Eng + Rus
Year: 2008
Version: R12 SP2.1
Developer: SolidCAM Ltd.
Platform: Windows
Compatibility with Vista: No
Language: English + Russian
Tabletka: Present

Description: SolidCAM - the tool fast and easy creation of control programs for lathes, milling and EDM CNC machines. Solidcam can be used in conjunction with CAD-systems such as SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and J Modeler, which provides the possibility of creating a fully functional cad / cam-system. In this case SolidCAM - an integrated product, which is built into the environment CAD-system, allowing to work in the same window.

The program supports all methods of processing holes, two-, three-and chetyrehosevuyu milling pyatiosevuyu positional and continuous milling, high-speed milling, turning and turning and milling, spark erosion machining.

One of the distinguishing features Solidcam - focus on support of intelligent processing. The program allows the user to create and collect patterns of treatment for their reuse in the processing of similar parts.

The ease of use and wide variety of supported processing operations Solidc