Download key generator for E-MU Street Kits EMULATOR X PROTEUS X


Street Kits brings almost 200 of the fattest, thickest, deepest and crispiest drumkits known to man to E-MU's Emulator X and Proteus X Desktop Instruments. Developed by renown U.K. sound designers Samplecraze, Street Kits offers you over 600 drumkits (over 5,000 samples) to build your Hip-Hop and Dance beats - everything from hard-hitting traditional kits to unreal percussive effects - all programmed to E-MU's powerful filters and synthesis parameters to push your speaker cones to the limit.
The kits have all been put through some of my vintage and valve outboard gear, notably: Chiswick Reach, Urei 1176 and the Phoenix compressors. The percussive sounds have been EQ'd using a Manley Passive and a CLM Expounder. Editing softwares used: Bias Peak 4, Sound Forge 6 and in some instances Recycle 2.01.

All the Banks have been heavily corded up and all are aimed at the E-MU filters. There is realtime control on all the filter settings and there are some extreme cases of sound mashing used, particularly for the Dance kits. The 2 Packs have not undergone such heavy filtering as they have far more percussive content. I wanted to leave a general usage feel about them and not package them to a specific genre. The 5 Packs have gone through some realtime aux mashing. Reverbs have been used with extremely low feedback and wet rates so as to give the impression of space, rather than the colour of reverb. The banded eqs and the phasers have been used to add snap, punch and dirt to the banks.

Generally, I got a bit bored of the kits that were being presented by some companies. Too much safety and no risks, so I decided to go the whole hog with these banks. I wanted to offer ready made sounds that wouldn't need too much treatment. These are ready-made kits that blow speaker cones and rumble your spine. This was my goal in producing the Street Kits. These sets have Punch, Balance, Dirt and Rumble ....and yet maintain a clean and well balanced sound pallette that can be stripped down of all dynamics and still be usable and appealing in all genres.