Download key generator for Tangible Software Solutions VB to C Plus Plus Converter v3.0

Your task of converting VB (.NET) to C++ just got a lot easier.

VB to C++ Converter can save you countless hours of painstaking work. The C++ code produced is closer to functional production-quality code than the code produced by any other VB to C++ converter on the market today. No other converter is as accurate or as reliable.

Key Benefits

* Accurate and comprehensive

* Converts entire VB projects or folders

* Option to convert either to C++/CLI (VC++ 2005 or above) or native C++

* Command line options

* Fast - thousands of lines converted per minute

* Includes a 15 day, no-risk, money back guarantee

* Extremely responsive, personalized customer support

* Easy to use

* Produces helpful notes, warnings, and 'to do' comments

* Excellent learning tool for those new to C++

* True zero-impact install - just a single exe and help file

The Most Comprehensive Converter

* Converts all versions of VB code (2002, 2003, 2005, 2008, and 2010)

* Evaluates all referenced assemblies and .NET projects in order to resolve external references more completely

* Converts methods with optional parameters

* Converts VB Case statements with range conditions

* Superb conversions of all types of arrays in any of the numerous VB styles

* Excellent conversions of event handlers

* Handles the numerous coding alternatives and ambiguities of VB code

* Flawless conversion of all aspects of inheritance and interfaces

* Converts all of VB's quirks: bas modules, named parameters, multiple statement lines, function names used as temporary variables, and type character suffixes

* Converts VB cast operators (i.e., CStr, CInt, etc.) to C++ equivalents

* Accurate even with poorly formatted VB code