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This innovative new software can help you optimize your system according to your requirements. It offers 25 different function modules to help you optimize system performance, stability, reliability and security.

Optimizing system performance

Your system's performance can be noticeably improved by optimizing important system parameters. When your system is delivered, Windows is configured to meet, as far as possible, the needs of all users. By analyzing your individual PC usage habits, OptimalPC can however make specific suggestions for optimizing your system and implement them completely automatically. This is the job of the System Optimizer module.

Speeding up the boot process

Programs and services that are run during Windows boot delay the startup process. These *autostart* programs are, in many cases, redundant and are intended to provide additional, but optional functions (e.g. automatic update check after system start, etc.).

The startup process can be speeded up by deliberately deactivating these items. This means that fewer background programs will be running, which can, for example, cause lags during games or unwanted messages to appear. OptimalPC supports you in deciding which programs and services you need and which can be deactivated without a second thought.

Cleaning up the system

Many programs are not uninstalled cleanly, with remnants left in the form of temporary files or not deleted properly after shutting down the program. An occasionally large volume of data accumulates over time, wasting valuable disk space. OptimalPC finds these redundant files and can remove them completely automatically.

The Windows Registry is the central database containing configuration and system parameters. For a variety of reasons (as a result, for instance, of uninstalling applications, defective uninstall procedures, etc.), bad entries can end up in the registry that can have an adverse impact not only on system performance but on stability as well. OptimalPC finds these bad, redundant entries and can remove them completely automatically. As part of this, backups are obviously created for the entries that are removed so that you can reverse a delete process at any time.

Tweaking your system

Windows is an extensive operating system, offering a number of customization options that are often, however, available only to experts. OptimalPC makes these settings available to novices too. This means that all changes to the system are logged and can be reversed at any time. As a result, even less-experienced users do not need to worry about damaging their system beyond repair.

Pro vs. free Basic Version

There are two version for this product available. The Basic Version is free and can be used an unlimited amount of time. The Pro Version offers great additional features.