Download key generator for Autorun Maestro v7.0

The ultimate Autorun CD menu software, Autorun Maestro allows you to create any interface you want and create a standalone Windows application from it. Autorun Maestro allows you to put buttons anywhere you want, on a menu of any shape you want... while being easy to use at the same time.

Version 7.0 released! Changes include: l New Text Buttons! You now have a choice of graphical buttons, Windows buttons or formatted text buttons on your menu.

l Internal compression compresses your menus to considerably reduce the size of your menu application. Autorun Maestro utilizes lossless compression to preserve your images exactly as they were.

l New expiry date feature allows you to display a message when the menu is run after a set date.

l Viewer version checking now included! When linking a button on your menu to a document or file you want it to open you can specify the viewer. You can also optionally set the version (or version and above) required.

l Image browser upgrade now handles very large images or folders (e.g. with thousands of images) better.

l Background wizard upgrade, now creates backgrounds for you for even larger menus. Photo based menu backgrounds can now also have the aspect ratio locked for perfect presentation.

l Newly developed button property dialogs group similar properties on tabs for ease of use.

l Now packaged in our new installer that makes installation quicker and easier.

l A number of other interface, performance and function upgrades and minor bug fixes!