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Vector NTI Advance* 11.5

* The Industry Standard for Sequence Analysis ─ Vector NTI Advance* offers unparalleled, multi-modular, integrated sequence analysis and data management tools. The software contains a comprehensive set of data analysis and management tools, implemented across five application modules. For PC users, Vector NTI Advance* runs on Windows* 7, Windows Vista*, and XP Pro operating systems,

Vector NTI*

Sequence analysis, annotation, and illustration; restriction mapping; recombinant molecule design, including Gateway* and TOPO* cloning; in silico gel electrophoresis; synthetic biology workflows support and data management


--> Multiple sequence alignment of proteins and DNAs

--> Alignment statistics, cladograms, alignment editing, annotation, repeat identification, etc.


--> DNA sequence assembly and editing, contig building, SNP and mutation detection, genotype analysis

--> Chromatogram data analysis and editing; consensus creation using Quality Values

--> Automatic sequence trimming, vector contamination trimming


--> Visualization and analysis of megabase-sized genomic DNA fragments from numerous DAS servers

--> Chromosomal views, cDNA-to-gene alignment, intron-exon boundary mapping, annotation


--> Protein motif mapping and annotation using Pfam, PROSITE, BLOCKS motif databases

--> Physiochemical analyses of DNA sequences

Cloning Tools: Clone2Seq*

is designed for those who already know how they wish to recombine two restriction fragments, e.g., cloning a BamHI-EcoRI insert into an appropriately digested vector. The interface makes it easy to select molecules and fragments for cloning, to modify fragment ends for compatibility (if necessary), and to create the desired recombinant, whether circular or linear. Despite the simplicity of the workflow, Clone2Seq* retains all the power of the cloning functionality in Vector NTI Advance*, including our renowned graphical map creation and parent-descendant lineage tracking.


enables you to search for cloning vectors based on eight different criteria such as one or two different restriction sites, with annotated coding DNA sequence (CDS) features that confer drug resistance, by linear or circular form and by having specific attB sites that are used in Gateway* cloning. Results are captured in a spreadsheet-style format, and any group of results can be saved to a subset in the Local Database. Any individual search result can be opened in the Molecule Viewer or even sent to Clone2Seq* for use in a rapid cloning experiment.

Gene Synthesis with


allows you to design specific DNAs in silico. Start with your protein sequence, and if required, mutate it by substituting, adding, or deleting amino acids by simply typing in new resides. Any number and type of mutation can be made in this step. Choose a codon-usage table that best reflects your experimental expression system, and ReGENerator* will calculate a DNA sequence that encodes your desired protein. You can add any number of flanking sequences to the 5′ and 3′ ends of the newly-created DNA*such as restriction sites, Gateway* cloning sites, and expression or purification tags. With the simple click of a button you'll be directed to the GENEART website for the best products and services in gene synthesis.

Robust Data Management and Usability: Vector NTI Advance* software includes the Vector NTI* Local Database, to help you store and manage many types of molecular biology data. The local database allows sophisticated levels of integration of analysis tools and raw data. You can also store the results of many analyses in the database as well.

Vector NTI Advance* uses open file format to manage the molecule data, meaning all data files for storage and export are all readable by a text editor (e.g., Microsoft Windows* Notepad). Unlike other programs of this type that use a proprietary data format that locks users into a single software solution, Vector NTI Advance* allows the data files to be openly exchangeable.

In a world with growing global collaboration, we believe open data exchange is critical for success. Even if you cease using Vector NTI*, you are assured that your data remains accessible to you and can be imported to a different software program of your choice.

Find out how easy it is using Notepad to take a look at the sequences and molecule descriptions in the database folder of Vector NTI (C:\Vector NTI Database) by opening up the .mol, .seq, and .ma4 files upon which the database is built.