Download key generator for Wise Registry Cleaner Professional v5.86

The older your PC

is, the more junked-up its Registry becomes. Badly written programs (and there are plenty of those around) don't bother to clean the Registry when you uninstall them, and some programs add unnecessary junk to the Registry. The more junked-up your Registry, the more likely it is to crash or to slow down your PC. Do you need a Reliable Registry Cleaner? Then Wise Registry Cleaner is all you need! It is one of the safest Registry cleaning tools available in the market today. Its scanning engine is thorough, safe and fast. Wise Registry Cleaner Professional was designed to improve your PC performance by system optimization.

Boost your PC Speed by Cleaning Registry!

* ActiveX/COM

* Software Section

* Application Paths

* File Types

* Help Files

* Image File Execution Options

* Shared DLL

* User MRU Lists

* Uninstall Section

* Start Menu

* Startup Program

* Sound and AppEvents

* IE Url History

* Fonts

* Empty Keys

* Applications

Changes in Wise Registry Cleaner Professional 5.86 Build 328: * Update in optimize module (Only Pro version).

* Fix bug: Progress bar shows incorrect.