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VibeStudio is a professional spatial audio design suite comprised of two applications: VibeStation and Profiler. Both applications rest on top of the audio modeling and rendering engine SoundScape3D. Together these applications create a one of a kind spatial audio package that provides the ability to both create dynamic audio content and compose spatial audio scenes.

VibeStation is a first of its kind virtual sonic environment design and runtime application. It provides a comprehensive editing suite for creating and incorporating spatial audio content into exhibition, post-production, lecture, immersive theater, or simulation systems. Based on SoundScape3D technology, VibeStation provides, for the first time, an integrated design environment for creating virtual sonic environments.

Using Vibestation you can interactively create and audition complex auditory scenes by dragging audio sources into your scene. Audio sources can be audio files, rewire inputs, audio inputs, or VOIP inputs. You control the behavior of the sources using VibeStation's master script controller. Source motion is specified using spline, circular or line paths. You can also include geometry in the scene and specify both reflective and occlusive material properties.

As a dynamic runtime environment, VibeStation is a powerful real-time audio simulation tool that allows users to build and apply realistic audio environments to networked simulations or research environments with no additional programming. Connect directly to your simulation using InterfaceLink* technology and see how immersive audio adds a true sense of realism.


Full sound propagation model

Configurable rendering pipeline

XML audio scene specification

Wave Point Sampling (WPS) advanced 3D audio rendering algorithm

Open Sound Control (OSC)

ReWire support

Physically based room modeling

Audition and render scenes to binaural stereo, 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, or 7.1

VibeWorks is a sound design application for creating complex emitters that are multi-timbral as well as dynamic. VRSonic's patented SoundNet sound animation technology enables the creation of highly dynamic, interactive audio sources. We call these audio models Vibes and they provide both a parametric as well as behavioral interface for dynamic control of the emitter.

Vibes allow sound designers the capability to create audio replicas of any object (cars, helicopters, etc) by layering and mixing audio files, giving them spatial position, and assigning behaviors.

Random Sound Fields allow users to create atmospheric sounds such as birds or insects that can be sounded and positioned in space randomly with frequency defined by the user.

SoundNet is a graphic programming environment with twelve "nodes" or modules each serving a separate function. Nodes may be connected via patch chords to create pipelines for various applications.

Flock Controllers emulate spatial motions similar to those of bees, birds, etc and may be assigned to any emitter that requires life-like motion.

Scripts are user defined events applied to an emitter, Vibe, random sound field, sound net or flock controller