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Invoice 3

- program For small and independant companies. A simple and easy to use program which enables you to create invoices. Now also with PDF-invoice.

NEW: Now with PDF-invoice and PDF-reminder via email.

For those self-employed persons, freelancers and small companies, who are in need of a simple and userfriendly program to create invoices.

Do you still create your invoices with Excel or Winword? Or don*t you use any kind of program to create your invoices?

With the program Invoice 3 for Windows you can save yourself a lot of work. The program is easy to use and therefore appropriate for beginners.

Invoice 3 consists of a complete address / customer organiser. Per customer you can see all invoices, payments and reminders. A memo field enables you to add more specific information to a customer.

Your articles are saved in the article manager. If you have you articles in CSV-format, it*s easy to import your articles into Invoice 3.

If you like the Invoice 3 program can print your writing paper. You can insert your logo as a grafical file.

With the additional program softwarenetz MyMoney, Invoice 3 can book the transfers of your customers automatically over HBCI 2.2 PIN/TAN * Online banking.

The program also consists of more functionality like e.g. the Invoice journal, which you can give to your accountant (as a CSV-file), print stickers and send an emailing.

NEW: Invoice 3 can create invoices in PDF format and you can send them via email to your customers.