Download key generator for Ezy Pascal v5.20

Want to learn the basics of programming?

Then the appropriate language for you - Pascal. But you need to start somewhere. Then download the perfect computer program Ezy Pascal, with which the language is clear and easy to use for novice programmers. Do not need any experience to work with this software, because such an application offers you the opportunity to focus on the study of Pascal and learn new skills from scratch.

Key features Ezy Pascal: * Ezy Pascal is very easy to use.

* Ezy Pascal allows you to view your program and result in an already running program.

* With this program you learn how to quickly identify errors and correct them.

* Ezy Pascal shows where in the error.

* Ability to create graphics.

* Apply a standard Pascal in its original form.

* Has a lot of reference materials, manuals and examples already included in the application for fast and intuitive learning.

Features: Easy to use

Ezy Pascal is very easy to use. Programs are written and run in the same window, there are no executable files created. Running a program takes just one mouse click - it doesn't get any simpler than that!

Watch your program as it executes

Ezy Pascal allows you to view your program and it's output as the program runs. You can pause execution and then step through the program statement by statement. Ezy Pascal shows you which statement is going to execute next by the position of the cursor. This is useful for understanding how programs execute.

Watch Variable Values New Feature

Ezy Pascal allows you to view values stored in variables as you step execution through the program. This also helps to understand what a program is doing as it executes.

Easy to understand compile-time and run-time errors

Compile-time errors are easy to understand. An error message appears at the bottom of the window and the cursor is positioned at the start of the source code item that caused the error. Also after a compile-time or run-time error you can press F1 to view the help topic for the error.

Ezy Pascal

can also show you where in the program a run-time error occurred and where execution halted if you stop execution. For run-time range errors, the value that caused the error is also shown in the error message.

Create Graphics

With Ezy Pascal you can easily write programs that create graphics. There is a set of tutorials that introduce basic graphics programming to get you started. The graphics output from your program can be printed or saved to a bitmap file. Version 4.00 introduces mouse events, allowing you to do even more interesting things.

Standard Pascal

Ezy Pascal implements the Pascal language close to it's original form, which programmers call Standard Pascal, so the skills you learn with Ezy Pascal will be easily applied to other Pascal programming products.

As an example of how easy it is to write programs in Standard Pascal, here is a program that writes Hello in the output view.

program Hello;




Of course you can write much larger and more complex programs than this in Ezy Pascal.

Pascal Language Reference

A Pascal language reference is available that is easy to use, concise and written specifically for Ezy Pascal. It contains numerous example programs that will run in Ezy Pascal.