Download key generator for OMRON CX-ONE v4.0


- a unified set of software with a single license number. By installing one CX-One, users can create, configure and program a variety of devices such as PLCs, programmable terminals, frequency converters and servo control intelligent devices, such as termokontrollery, measuring sensors, multi-axis motion control, and of course industrial network . CX-One greatly simplifies the work of engineer and minimizes the need for education of programming or configuring automation systems.

The main differences OMRON CX-ONE v4.0 from the previous version: - Support for new Microsoft operating system windose 7

- Some improvements in the program of CX-Programmer for a quick and easy programming PLC: - Function "Smart Input" (Predictive)

- The structure of the language of relay-contact circuits and functional units (for variables such as Internal and In-Out) in programming PLC Series CJ2

- Two new data types: TIMER and COUNTER for easier use of timers and counters in the program in the language of Ladder Diagram

System requirements: Windows 2000 Pentium II 333 MHz

Windows XP

Windows Vista / windose 7 Pentium III 1 GHz