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Basic Inventory Control

- A software that allows you to track an inventory of products - It tracks the orders, receipts, shrinkage, allocation, and shipment of products. BIC displays physical units in stock, allocated units, available units in stock, and units on order. It produces reports such as Current Inventory, Out of Stock Products, and Inventory Transactions for the criteria you specify. The look-up lists and column headings in BIC are customizable. BIC can export data to a Microsoft Excel comma-delimited file. BIC can import product list and beginning inventory from a Microsoft Excel comma-delimited file. The inventory database is multiuser capable.

BIC features extensive online help, tip of the day, a tutorial, and a support Web site. BIC has an easy-to-use interface and requires very little disk space to install. No third-party software or drivers are needed. BIC is currently being used by organizations in Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Australia in a variety of industries including banking, accounting, manufacturing, not-for-profit organizations, military, trading companies, retail shops and schools.

Key Features: Track your inventory with ease: * Record and track a variety of inventory events such as: Order, Receipt, Shrinkage, Allocation, and Shipment

* View physical units in stock, allocated units, available units in stock, units on order, cost of on order items, cost of physical units in stock, retail value of physical units in stock, average unit cost and average unit price among other useful information

* Simple, intuitive user interface

Customizable, Unlimited Views and Reports: * Create unlimited number of customized views and reports of your inventory

* Specify title, what columns to display, and the order of columns

* View an inventory of products filtered by product group, inventory level, product name and/or part number

* Easily indicate products to re-order or products that are out of stock

* Record transactions for multiple products

* View transaction history filtered by transaction type, date range, product, category, and/ or account

* Save displayed data to a MS Excel commadelimited file

Data Import: * Import product list and beginning inventory from a MS Excel comma-delimited file Multi-user Support BIC can be used in a single-user or multiuser environment

Self-contained, simple installation: * Requires only 3 to 6 MB of disk space to install

* There is no need to install additional components such as ODBC drivers, and Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC)

* The installation takes less than a minute on most systems

Online Help: * BIC features context-sensitive Windows Help

* A tutorial is available online to get you started

* BIC Help is fully searchable

* Help is only a click away from anywhere in the

* system