Download key generator for Broomstick Bass VST v1.0

Broomstick Bass - the best virtual bass player for VST-compatible applications. The program was developed Bornemark Software, the authors of the idea of Groove Agent and Virtual Guitarist. Broomstick Bass - samoigrayuschy new musical instrument that can be used to avtoakkompanimenta, to help composers and arrangers, as well as a library of bass sounds of exceptional quality. For the game enough to take a few chords on the keyboard, and the program will build on the specified harmonic on the bass riffs and sequences. In addition to the large number of ready-made patterns, the program can be used for independent game with the keyboard.

Name: Broomstick Bass

Year: 2009

Version: 1.0

Platform: Windows

Compatible with Seven: yes

Medicine: Not required

Language: English

Size: 907.03 Mb

Key features: More than 20 multisemplirovannyh classic and special instruments: electric and acoustic bass guitars (playing a pick, fingers, slap, effects, Vibrato, etc.), keyboard and pedal basses.

Engine musical MIDI engine, creating a real-time realistic, basic, typical and special bass lines.

Ability to use a tool like samoigrayuschego, reading chords, and as usual, playing "their" party virtual bass instrument.

All presets are categorized by styles and sub-genres.

All bass guitars are recorded with all sorts of variations inherent in the execution of living, including slides, staccato, slap, etc. - all variations can be easily controlled via MIDI.

The tool has a MIDI-out for recording and playback of patterns in real time.

Rich selection of useful bass-effects.

Broomstick Bass is designed for further expansion. Future versions will add new instruments and bass sequences.

System Requirements: 1,5 GHz CPU, 512 Mb Ram, sound card