Download key generator for RocketDock Glass Pack Icons v1.3.6

The panel for quick launch of programs in the style of Mac OS - animated and with variable degrees of transparency

Instructions for using the program: 1). After installation, go in the settings panel, General tab, put a check run with vindous, Click ok.

2). Then been pulling (just pull) all the icons that we do not need, then click the right mouse button on the region roketdoka add icon to add the path to the folder and specify the folder that is needed.

3). Now click the new icon pr.myshkoy customize icon, climb out the window, specify the icon that you like and click OK. To use StackDocklet go in the folder with the program and read the readme. Enjoy using.

How to make pop-ups: Doing so, open the folder with the program and read Readme.rtf open its simple notepad. If for unexplained reasons, suddenly you can not find the folder with the prog-tada do so, "The program is integrated" StackDocklet ", to use it you just need to right click on RocketDock-a and select the" add icon "in the popup window below specify "StackDocklet", then make a right click on the icon poyavivschemsya and indicate "customize icon in the settings, specify the path to the folder or the entire disk to which the (mu) do you want obraschatsya and select the icon at the bottom indicate the importance of" Fan "or" Grid " it tastes good. Everything! Enjoy using!

System requirements: Operating System: Windows

Processor: Pentium III

Memory: 35.85 MB

Video: 16 bit, 1280x800

Free DB: 162 mb

Year: 2010

Version: 1.3.6

System: Windows * ALL

Language: Multilingual