Download key generator for Applian Technologies Replay Media Catcher v4.0.9.0

Replay Media Catcher downloads streaming video and audio files from millions of sites, more than any competing solution. Plus, only Replay Media Catcher has an automatic naming feature that figures out the name of the song or video youve downloaded.

Easy, Powerful and Convenient Web Video Capture

Replay Media Catcher is the best streaming video and audio/MP3 downloader on the planet. Heres why: * Its Easy: Just click Start Recording, then play your media, and an exact digital copy is downloaded to your hard disk.

* Its Powerful: Replay Media Catcher supports more streaming protocols than any other stream downloading software.

* Its Convenient: Even when Replay Media Catcher is closed, the new Video History tool keeps track of all the downloadable streaming media that that you have played on your PC. If you decide you want to save a file you have already played just go to Tool/Video History highlight the file and click the ?save? button. On top of that, Replay Media Catcher automatically names and tags your video and MP3 files. No more cryptic file names.

Features: # Download millions of Online Videos.

# Capture streaming MP3 files.

# Convert files to WMV, MPEG, AAC, 3GP, iPod/iPhone and more.

# Save videos already played using the Video History Tool.

# Capture any Audio you play on your PC using the new audio recording tool.

# Automatically name and tag songs and video files.

# Download from more sites than any other solution.

# Record with one click.

# Edit and change MP3 tags.

# Extract MP3 tracks from FLV video files.