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A1 Website Analyzer -

a program that allows to analyze your entire web site to find errors in order to optimize for search engines. With this program you can find and fix broken links, large file sizes, internal links, link structure, find HTML errors and much more. In addition, it is possible to preserve the structure of website data in XML, CSV and other files. You can also perform keyword analysis and check the position of your website in search engines. This program has a very simple interface, many full-functionality and ease of use. In addition, it is worth noting that the program is translated into several languages, including Russian and Ukrainian languages.

A1 Website Analyzer

is a complete solution for quick check of references to efficiency. This tool is able to detect broken links in HTML and CSS files, but also reduces detect broken links in the javascript code. Depending on your settings, call forwarding and checking references may include references to all types of files, for example, to documents, pictures or videos. After the scan is complete you will get a result in tree form in Explorer-style Windows, which allows you to quickly find and fix all the broken links and redirects. You can view detailed information on all found items. In contrast to the test options using online tools, this solution allows you to test web sites located in any place, including local area network, internet, local file system and so on.

Features: "Testing HTML and CSS all website pages

"The tool checks links to find and fix broken links and redirects

"Analysis of the size of files, activation code, download time and the other on all pages

"Optimisation of internal links to focus on the links page that you want to index

"An analysis of your website for errors

"Correction of flux links, broken links, file sizes, CSS and HTML errors

"Multi-language interface, including the Russian language

A1 Website Analyzer will perform SEO keywords analysis and search engine website position rank check.

The crawler engine stores vast amounts of data, which it can store into XML documents, including all valid, broken and redirected links (number of times and wherefrom / whereto), response times, download times, file sizes, server response headers, reports of all file types and response codes within any directory etc.

A1 Website Analyzer will also calculate the importance score for all pages within a website. This allows you to view how your linking structure distributes "rank power" throughout a whole website.

Key Features: * Change the "user agent" string ID and check if your competitors are using website cloaking SEO techniques.

* Decide which page elements you want to extract text and keywords from.

* You can see all phrases for [1] [2] [3] etc. words in a phrase, all sorted and ranked after density.

* Positon check for various keyword phrases found, typed or loaded from a text file.

* You can edit which search engines to check and add support for new search engines yourself.

* You can edit and add which sites / pages to check for in SERP (search engine result pages).

* You can also use various online SEO and content related tools to perform further data analysis.

* Use the PPC (pay per click) tools to find new (and cover all variations) of keywords and phrases.