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Nero Recode - allows you to copy DVD-Video volume of more than 4.7 GB in file size 4,7 GB. This program compresses the video information so that it fits easily on one-sided DVD-ROM with virtually no loss of quality. In the process of copying, you can also delete unwanted material, which is normally present on the original DVD (for example, subtitles or soundtracks). Thus, by removing unnecessary material, free space for additional videos or for the original video quality improvement. Also, with Nero Recode, DVD-ROM can be stored on the hard disk of the personal computer in the form of video files-DVD or in the form of a disk image.

Nero Recode 2 features Nero Digital, the worlds fastest MPEG-4 encoder, and enables a user to recode non-copy protected movies (DVD-9 - DVD-5) to any CDR / RW, DVD + /-R or a single DVD + R DL disc in DVD-Video format (DVD-9 to DVD-9). If the source DVD is larger than 4,7 GB, Nero Recode 2 can compress the contents so that they fit onto an empty DVD disc without any noticeable loss in quality. Also, you can convert DVD-Video titles that are not copy-protected to the Nero Digital format (MPEG-4) and then burn them onto discs. Nero Recode can compile DVD-Video titles (not copy-protected only) onto other media (CD and DVD).

If you have DVD-Video titles on separate DVDs and would like to compile your favorite titles onto one DVD, you can use Nero Recode 2 and burn the desired DVD-Video titles onto a single disc.

You can burn the compilation onto DVD or CD.

Finally, you can convert from 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround into space-saving Nero Digital audio format and remove unwanted audio tracks, subtitles or bonus material to gain more space.

Year: 2010

Language: English

OS: Windows All