Download key generator for VirtuaGirlHD v1.0.4.65

Program VirtuaGirlHD with the most beautiful strippers on your desktop. This utility is located on the taskbar. You can enjoy the girls at any time - they will be on top, if you like. Program settings allow you to watch as the lungs erotic dancing and a full striptease. The program interface is very simple and intuitive while on a bourgeois language. The size of models can be changed from 100% (full screen) to 10% (about 1 cm)
It is possible to install the program on any drive on your computer and adding a program of new models. Registration is not required.

The main difference from before reaching versions in that this version contains just three progi:
VirtuaGirlHD Strippers on your desktop
DeskBabes more candid statement girls (solo or duet)
VirtuaGuyHD model to put it mildly male (no respect)
There's also a VgHD-tester for the selection of models or their numbers.


1.Sohranit VgHD folder to the root of any drive to which you want to install the program. Later, move or rename a folder can not.

2.Podkorrektirovat registry file. Why open it (file crack_reg) with notepad and find these lines:
'MainPath' = H: \ vghd '
'DataPath' = H: \ vghd \ Data \ '
'ModelsPath' = H: \ vghd \ Models \ '
This disc H
• ---------------
To install, such as the D drive to change this:
'MainPath' = D: \ vghd '
'DataPath' = D: \ vghd \ Data \ 'L
'ModelsPath' = D: \ vghd \ Models \ '
I only have one letter in three lines, no longer change a single character.
After the change, close notepad and agree to save changes.

3.Zapustite crack_reg registry file by double clicking the left mouse button and agree with the addition of data
the registry.

4.Zapustite program file vghd.exe, you can make a shortcut on the desktop.

5.Posle added models in the folder models you want to disable the program (Ie there is no icon in the tray) then run del_lst then run the program. In the system tray icon will appear in black watch, wait, an icon of the program to run (when you first start in the My collection list of models there, if second list appears)

Folder VgHD can rename and move.
If you already had before running the new version of the program and wants to work you can try to delete the old records in the registry VgHD (Start Run 'regedit') the following lines:
then install the new ...

Year: 2010
Genre: Screensavers
Developer: Totem Entertainment
System requirements: Pentium II 300 Mhz, 64MB RAM, free space on your hard disk from 500MB
Language: English