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AusLogics BoostSpeed -

the popular tool to accelerate the work of Windows, programs and Internet connection from the company AusLogics. The program optimizes computer memory, accelerates loading Windows, the performance of your Microsoft Office, The Bat, FireFox, Opera, Skype, cleans the registry and disk. The fourth version of the program includes the famous Auslogics Disk Defrag, and a set of new tools for today's computers. After defragmenting the registry BoostSpeed, speed of the computer will increase by reducing the fragmentation of the registry files, reducing their size, as well as by eliminating errors in the registry. In addition, the program offers powerful cleaning registry and disk, which in turn allows your computer to work more quickly and efficiently. It has a nice user interface and support for Russian language

AusLogics BoostSpeed -

the only program that allows you to quickly and accurately tune your system for maximum productivity. Built in System Adviser will check your system settings using 50 different tests and offer you advice on each test. The program in real-time checks your system and if it finds that some of the parameters can be optimized, it must inform you.

Features: Cleaning the computer disk from unnecessary files

Cleaning the registry of errors and unnecessary entries

Find and delete duplicate files

Defragmenting your hard drive

Defragmenting the registry to increase productivity

Accelerating the optimization and internet connection

Defragmenting and cleaning of the computer's memory

Clear browser history, programs and remove traces

Blocking the possible ways the invasion of the computer from the outside

Securely delete files and folders from your computer

Entire disc of previously deleted files

Setting up the operating system using hidden features

Configure system services on your system

Managing installed programs and their removal

Managing the list of programs at startup

Get detailed information about your system

Viewing running processes with detailed information about each process

Quick access to built-in Windows tools

Multilingual interface with support for Russian language.

More than 18 utilities in one program: Lifespan. BoostSpeed will clear your computer from system debris, duplicate files and unnecessary programs, freeing up space on the disk.

Correction of errors in the register of Windows. The program will correct errors and structural defects, and also defragments the Windows registry for more stable operation of your computer.

Defragment disks. BoostSpeed v.5 includes a new version of the defragmenter - Auslogics Disk Defrag 3 with all the features and functions.

Recover deleted files. With the new utility File Recovery, you can recover accidentally deleted files, and files deleted by viruses and malware.

Optimize your Internet connection. Integrated Internet Optimizer speeds up the file upload and download sites, optimizing the settings of your Internet connection.

Setting up the system. BoostSpeed 5 includes tweaker with more than 280 different options for quick and easy to customize Windows to your needs and preferences.

Monitor the status of the hard drive. With the help of utilities Disk Doctor and Disk Explorer you can check the hard drive for errors, and monitor the disk space.

Privacy. With utility Track Eraser nobody will know what site you're visiting, what files are opened and which applications run.

What's New in This Release: updated and optimized graphics subsystem program, which led to more rational use of computer resources and more rapid-start

improved search deleted files by their names in the File Recovery

greatly accelerated the analysis of drive in Disk Defrag, when files are fragmented

optimized search unnecessary files in Disk Cleaner and Track Eraser

optimized and improved searching in the wrong key Registry Cleaner

fixed all known bugs

UnaTTended (Silent Installation)

- this program is installed automatically. That is, you do not need to enter the keys and use other methods of registering (patches, cracks, etc.). When Unattended Setup is not necessary to press constantly "on", the program will do everything for you. Once installed it is completely ready to work.

Imagine, for example: You are an administrator and you need to install on multiple computers operating system Windows (of course it will be unattended Windows build) and install the same suite of programs. If you use unattended soft, you can greatly save time.

Software will also be useful for those people who do not like to dig a trifle installation program, or do not want to bother themselves. And especially impressed by those people who face difficulties in the installation (installation) applications. For example: Newcomers, old man. Building UnaTTended (Silent install) all by herself and does not require your intervention. Just run and after the installation program is ready for use with all built-in applications and supplements.