Download key generator for PowerBASIC Console Compiler v5.05

Create applications that run in the Console (the "DOS box") under Windows. Its as straightforward as programming for DOS, yet gets you beyond those DOS limitations. Finally you CAN use gigabytes and gigaabytes of memory (yes HUGE arrays) - because this is a 32-bit compiler! Nearly six times faster than the best DOS Basic around! The high degree of source code compatibility with PowerBASIC, QuickBasic, GW-BASIC and BASICA makes it easy to port existing DOS applications to run under Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, Windows 2000 and XP!

This newest version of PB/CC sports a number of exciting new features. Create client COM applications using Dispatch, Direct, Automation, or Dual interfaces. A complete graphics engine, a printer package for Windows-Only printers, dynamic pointers, and thread local storage, to name just a few. But more about them later.

PB/CC supports INPUT, PRINT, LOCATE, LINE INPUT, INKEY$, INSTAT, CLS, COLOR, KEY, KEY$, and LPRINT. All of the standard text functions. But then we added more. CONSHNDL, CURSOR, INSHIFT, PAGE, PAGEACTIVE, PAGEVISIBLE, SCREENATTR, PCOPY, WAITKEY$ and WAITSTAT. A complete set of mouse handling routines. SCROLL any region of the screen in any direction. STDIN, STDOUT, and STDERR. Even a PARSE statement and PARSE$ function to extract delimited fields, and new options for the EXTRACT$ function, too. All the text tools youll ever need.