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Simlab Composer v2.1

Supports importing 3D models from many of thestandard file formats, including: SketchUp,Rhino, STEP, IGES, Collada, 3D PDF, 3D XML, FBX,Obj, 3DS, DXF, U3D, STL, and DWG. 3D models andscenes can be exported to the following filesformats, OBJ, FBX, Collada, STL, U3D, BIP and OSG.

Building 3D Scenes: SimLab Composer provides theuser with all the needed tools to build 3D sensesfrom existing models. In addition to the draggersfound in modern 3D applications to place modelsin the scene, SimLab Composer offers unique toolslike snap to object and snap to ground to makebuilding 3D scenes intuitive and fast.

SimLab Composer maintains the assembly structureof imported 3D models, this enable the user toselect the level to work on (face, body, part,subassembly or assembly).