Download key generator for PhotoMove v2.5.2.1 Pro Patched-URET

URET team has released an updated version of “PhotoMove”.
The original PhotoMove has been used by thousands of people to automatically find the original date taken of their photos and then move and sort the photos into folders based on that date.
PhotoMove 2 which was released about a year ago had all the features of the original version plus many more. Organizing photo and video files was never been easier.
Now PhotoMove 2.5 has been released. It adds more features and options. Many of these have been requested by users like yourself!
When you download your photos to your computer the file date is not necessarily the same as the date you took the photo. If you have a large number of files on your memory card with photos taken over many different days it can be a mess to try to organize the photos.
Move Photos to Dated Folders Based on the Actual Date Taken
PhotoMove will sort your photos by date taken and move or copy them to dated folders. Folders are named by year, month and day and optionally by camera model. In the Pro version there are many additional date and organizational structures.
Once your photos and videos are sorted you will be able to easily find the photos that you took on Birthdays, Holidays or any special day.
Organize Photos by Date Taken
Now PhotoMove has been upgraded to PhotoMove 2. It is available in both a free and pro version. The free version of PhotoMove 2 has all the same features that were available in the original PhotoMove program.
PhotoMove 2 Pro adds a number of additional options as shown in the list below.