Download key generator for WinPatrol WAR v2017.5.720-P2P

Powered by our Artificial Intelligence engine, WinPatrol WAR blocks ransomware it has never seen before, ransomware we haven’t yet seen in the lab. The days of needing to obtain a sample first are over.
Ransomware and Malware are evolving too quickly, those who don’t adapt with speed and artificial intelligence won’t survive.
Everything you need to be safe from Ransomware! Amazingly easy to use. Simply install WinPatrol WAR, enter your registration information and after program discovery runs, your protected. That easy. No confusing configuration required. WinAntiRansom keeps your photos, music, documents, spreadsheets, pdfs and more safe and secure. Now, more powerful than ever, WinAntiRansom blocks all Malware, Ransomware and Zero-Day threats to keep you, your data and your computer safe.