Download key generator for Ultra RAMDisk Pro v1.65 -P2P

Ultra RAMDisk Pro is an application that can help you eliminate the performance issues that a regular hard drive might have by enabling you to create RAM drives or RAM discs. These virtual drives are created from a portion of the total RAM memory that is installed on your computer.
RAM Disk:
* Hybrid-disk (Memory + Swap file)
* SCSI, Direct I/O disk type
* Dynamic memory allocation
* Trim command (Deleted files are to deallocate memory)
* Invisible memory (32-bit 4GB over)
* FAT/FAT32/exFAT/NTFS/NTFS-compression format
* Driver letter, Volume label, Create folder
* Backup and Restore
* Fast startup mode
* Fast data backup
* Maximum 16TB
* Maximum 128 devices
Virtual CD:
* Mount ISO
* Support disc image : iso, ooo, cue, ccd, nrg, mds, img, smart detection (*.*)
* Maximum 128 devices