Download key generator for GetData Mount Image Pro v6.2.0.1691-P2P

Mount Image Pro v6 – Forensic Software. Mount Image Pro is a computer forensics tool for Computer Forensics investigations. It enables the mounting of forensic images. It fully maintains the MD5 HASH integrity which can be tested by a reacquisition of the mounted drive and a comparison of MD5 check-sums. It also will open EnCase password protected image files without the password.
Mount Image Pro Features:
* Mount EnCase® images (all versions)
* Mount logical images (l01, ad1)
* Mount RAW DD images
* Mount SMART images
* Mount as Physical or Logical
* READ ONLY access
* MD5 image HASH integrity
* Right Click image mounting Command line options
* Mount NTFS, FAT, FAT 16, FAT 32
* Compatible with 3rd party file systems Drivers for Linux
* Map images to drive letter on startup
* Open password protected images (not Ex01)