Download key generator for GenoPro 2016 v3.0.0.8

GenoPro is a software for drawing family trees. Among all the family tree softwares, GenoPro is the easiest to learn and to use. If you are a beginner to genealogy, you can learn to use GenoPro in a few minutes without needing to consult the online help. GenoPro uses the genogram to represent your family tree. A genogram is a graphical representation of a family with a set of simple rules and images. Genograms include basic information about the number of marriages, number of children in each marriage, birth order, age and death. Some genograms also include relationships between individuals and information on disorders running in a family such as alcoholism, depression and diseases. GenoPro can insert unlimited pictures for each individual and family, and help you to create a CD-ROM of your family album. GenoPro has a powerful report generator to generate detailed reports in the language of your choice. Those reports can be printed or published on the Web using your internet connection.
* Family Wizard to easily create a family and/or add children.
* Standard Copy, Cut & Paste with unlimited Undo & Redo.
* Drag & Drop. Open files with the simple action of a mouse drag.
* Zoom In / Zoom Out. View the same genealogy tree in different ways.
* Font dialog to display names in foreign languages.
* Support for multiple pictures for each individual and marriage.
* Print & Print Preview.
* Advanced features.
* Full range of functionality to perform analyses and handle complex scenarios.
* and many more..