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LEAD Technologies is pleased to announce the release of LEADTOOLS Version 19. Headlining this release are the new Document Viewer and Document Converter frameworks for .NET and HTML5/JavaScript. Combined with significant updates and additions throughout the Document, Medical, Imaging and Multimedia product lines, developers can do more than ever with LEADTOOLS Version 19.
The new Documents SDK is a comprehensive development framework for creating, reading and writing raster and SVG images, annotations, thumbnails, text data and metadata from supported document types. By using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as an intermediate format, the Document Viewer and Converter are able to work with any document, vector or raster image file format in a uniform fashion. Moreover, 100% accurate document-to-document conversion can be accomplished without the need for OCR.
One incredible aspect of the Document Viewer is that it requires fewer than twenty lines of code to create a robust, fully-featured document viewing and editing solution that would normally take years to develop. It includes rich document viewing features for any format such as searchable text, annotations, memory-efficient paging, inertial scrolling, and vector display with infinite zoom.
In Version 19, the PDF SDK has many new features including a new Optimizer tool for reducing PDF document size, extracting images and setting the PDF Initial View options. The OCR, Barcode and Forms engines are better than ever before. Improvements to accuracy, auto-zoning and new barcode types bolster the award-winning recognition engines that are already deployed all over the world on countless servers and desktops. Additionally, the LEADTOOLS Forms Recognition and Processing engine has received a major overhaul. Developers can now perform advanced forms processing on dynamically sized documents and unstructured forms such as invoices, driver's licenses, passports and checks. New demos with simplified user interfaces and improved form creation are included for each of the new form types.
Always at the forefront of imaging technology for healthcare applications, LEADTOOLS advances further with enhancements addressing zero-footprint, cross-platform and interoperability with this major release. The HTML5 / JavaScript viewer (a standalone control allowing developers to create sophisticated web applications with only a few lines of code) contains many new features such as structured display, scanning, printing, Spy Glass and new medical-specific image processing algorithms. The OEM-ready application now utilizes AngularJS and TypeScript for even easier integration and customization through its MVC architecture. Interoperability was a major focus, with LEAD creating a brand-new HL7 SDK including message encoders and decoders, listener service, and seamless integration with the LEADTOOLS Modality Work List and DICOM Storage Server.
Within Multimedia, LEADTOOLS introduces a new H.265 codec with tremendous compression ratios - a 50% improvement over its predecessor, H.264 - and support for 4K and 8K video resolutions. In addition to the new H.265 codec, the existing line of LEADTOOLS Multimedia codecs are faster, include more hardware acceleration, and come with improved features such as chapter markers, multi-monitor support, and additional compression options and transfer syntaxes for the DICOM Reader and Writer filters.
Overall, LEADTOOLS Version 19 is one of the most highly-anticipated and feature-packed releases ever. LEAD Technologies is once again raising the bar with unique and innovative imaging technologies, frameworks and solutions, and continues to prove why they are The World Leader in Imaging SDKs.
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With a rich history of nearly 25 years, LEAD has established itself as the world's leading provider of software development toolkits for document, medical, multimedia, raster and vector imaging. LEAD's flagship product, LEADTOOLS, holds the top position in every major country throughout the world and boasts a healthy, diverse customer base and strong list of corporate partners including some of the largest and most influential organizations from around the globe.
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