Download key generator for RealVNC VNC Viewer Plus 1.2.8

Computers with particular Intel Core vPro processors enjoy the benefit of a VNC-compatible Server embedded directly onto the chip, enabling permanent remote access and control. A RealVNC collaboration with Intel's ground-breaking hardware has produced VNC Viewer Plus, able to connect even if the computer is powered off, or has no functioning operating system.
VNC Viewer Plus can also connect to VNC running in-band. Additional benefits from connecting in-band include file transfer, printing, chat and more. Protocol-compliant third party VNC projects may also accept an incoming connection from VNC Viewer Plus.
Out-of-band KVM
Technicians no longer need rely on a functioning operating system and network drivers to take control of a computer. VNC Viewer Plus can connect to a supported computer with Intel Core vPro technology out-of-band, so that more complex issues, such as OS failures and boot problems, can be diagnosed remotely. Without the need to take a desk-side trip, productivity increases and users experience less downtime.
Intel Fast Call for Help
With appropriate infrastructure and configuration, VNC Viewer Plus can act as the management console in a Fast Call for Help session, automatically establishing a secure connection back out to a computer over the Internet, and enabling a technician to take control.
Remote reboot
Even if it is possible to obtain an out-of-band remote control session, a computer may not respond to keyboard or mouse input. VNC Viewer Plus can perform a hardware reset, allowing a technician to resume diagnosis without a desk-side visit.
Remote power on/off
With the increasing emphasis on energy saving, many users turn off their computers before leaving work for the day. This can make a technician's job difficult if out-of-hours maintenance is required. VNC Viewer Plus can power a machine up and down again as required, providing a simple solution to this common problem.
Secure connections
VNC Viewer Plus connects using the security features built-in to Intel Core vPro technology. With appropriate additional configuration, VNC Viewer Plus can provide extra security in the form of TLS or Mutual TLS, providing protection from connection snooping, man-in-the-middle attacks and packet-tampering.
Image mounting
Following an OS failure, boot record corruption or similar, technicians are often left with a computer that will not boot from its own hard disk drive. Such problems would normally involve a desk-side visit to resolve. It is possible to connect out-of-band using VNC Viewer Plus, mount an image representing a floppy disk, CD, or DVD, and boot the computer from that image.
Programmatic connectivity
You can start VNC Viewer Plus and connect automatically from a command line or a web browser using the URI scheme
FIXED: A VNC Viewer Plus user authenticating as a particular Intel AMT user now inherits the effective permissions of all the Active Directory groups of which that Intel AMT user is a member.
XP SP3, Vista SP2, 7, 8, Server 2003, Server 2008,
Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 [x86 & x64]