Download key generator for Delete Skype History Network Edition 1.2.1

Conversations you have on Skype are stored on their official servers, as well as on computers that you sign in to. This makes your private information vulnerable, so when you login on a shared workstation or a friends PC. Delete Skype History Network Edition comes to the rescue, providing you with a secure method of deleting or editing sent messages or create backups of important chat sessions.
Delete Skype History Network Edition:
Yes, the program removes messages from Skype server
Yes, messages will be deleted also in your chat partners
Yes, history will be modified everywhere(on all devices) and nobody will be able to restore it
Yes, application deletes already delivered messages
Yes, it is 100% safe, you can backup your Skype history and restore
Yes, you can delete history right now. Download trial, it is free of charge
Use the software when:
You want to be confident your communications would not be disclosed by others
You chat in Internet caf or coffee shops and do not want system administrator or other visitors to read your private conversations
You do not want your sysadmin, colleagues, or boss to invade your private conversations with friends, relatives, acquaintances on your office computer
You do not want your secret are disclosed to anyone unauthorized
Delete Skype History Network Edition v1.2.1
New features
Possibility to remove/edit group chat messages.
In the Trial version time limitation for modifying messages decreased from 1 to 2 hours
No text reference in the Trial version after deleting/editing messages
Other changes
Error that occurred while closing the program is fixed
Other minor improvements