Download key generator for Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate X86 Multi-12

Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate X86
* This release contains one ISO [SOURCE ISO] and eleven exe-files.
* All exe-files are created from original MSDN ISO's for each language.
* This is done with SmartVersion, a program that calculates only the difference between two files (one of which is used as the source) and then creates an svf-file based on that difference.
* Hashes attached in a separate .txt
[ DOWNLOAD INFO ]* Download the Source ISO and preferred language.exe
* If you want en-US then just download the SOURCE ISO
* Run the exe-file in the same folder as the SOURCE ISO.
This will extract & recreate the original ISO, fully updated and in the selected language.
[ CONTENTS ]* USB and Sata and drivers added in boot.wim.
Integrated:* Internet Explorer 11
* Hotfixes - 2014-11-11
* DirectX June 2010
* .NET Framework 4.5.3 Preview (KB2969351)
* Defender Updates
* KB890830
* Windows 7 Ultimate
[ LANGUAGES & SOURCES ]* da-DK [Danish] X17-59881
* de-DE [German] X17-59886
* en-US [English] X17-59463
* es-ES [Spanish] X17-58877
* fi-FI [Finnish] X17-59192
* fr-FR [French] X17-59477
* it-IT talian X17-59212
* nb-NO [Norwegian] X17-59229
* nl-NL [Dutch] X17-59233
* pt-PT [Portuguese] X17-59246
* pt-BR R-Portuguese Unknown
* sv-SE [Swedish] X17-59271
[SOURCE ISO]* Win7.X86.en-US.iso Size: 3,19GB
* Win7.X86.da-DK.exe Size: 158MB* Size: 240MB* Size: 225MB* Size: 164MB* Size: 221MB* Size: 169MB* Win7.X86.nb-NO.exe Size: 166MB* Size: 169MB* Size: 191MB* Size: 164MB* Size: 163MB
Activation_&_application_information:* A WPI-window will pop up in the last phase of the installation.
* All optional applications except 7-Zip and WinRAR uses web installers
that will install the latest available version for you.* Web installers requires connection to internet.* To Pre-Activate Windows, select "Windows Loader".
* Choose any optional application(s).
* Click on "Begin Install" to execute your choices.* To skip activation and optional applications, just click on "Exit".
Optional_software:* Google Chrome
* Mozilla Firefox
* Opera Chromium
* Java JRE
* 7-zip 9.30
* Adobe Reader
* Notepad++
* WinRAR 5.11
[ INSTALLATION ]* Create bootable USB 2.0 (highly recommended), minimum 8GB, with Rufus (attached) or burn to DVD at slow speed.
(Premium Recommended)
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