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TSPlus is the most cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative to Windows Terminal Services or Citrix. TSPlus seamless client provides fast, efficient access - even over high-latency dial-up lines and Internet connections. Terminal Service Plus is completely transparent to your users. Remote applications look and feel exactly the same as natively-running applications. Therefore, you save time and training costs.
A "Server Technology" for a "Micro" price! TSplus enables any of your Windows XP, VISTA, W7, W8, and 2003/2008/2012 or SBS Server to act as a Citrix or a Terminal Server: Multiple concurrent sessions, Seamless application publishing, Universal Printer, Loadbalacing, Failover, Application Control...
TSplus instantly delivers an outstanding multi-user access system on XP, VISTA, W7, W8, and 2003/2008/2012 or SBS Server (32 or 64 bits)! If you are looking to add value to your existing equipment without paying expensive licenses to Citrix or Microsoft, TSplus, according to our customers, is the very best and the most cost-effective product for your project. Try TSplus for free, it's easy: download now!
TSplus is a complete Server Based Computing solution on XP or VISTA. And best of all, TSplus is a fast, simple and affordable solution that eliminates the complexity of alternatives such as Windows Terminal Services (WTS), Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or Citrix Presentation Server.
If you are looking for the easiest plug-and-play solution to Web-enable or publish your applications, then the logical choice is TSplus. By eliminating the complexities of Citrix XenApp (previously called Citrix Presentation Server or MetaFrame) and Microsoft Windows Terminal Server (TSE), TSplus provides a fast, simple and affordable solution.
Benefits overview
Lowest-cost Citrix/TS product available on XP, VISTA, W7, W8 and 2003/2008/2012 systems (32 and 64 bit)
No requirement for Terminal Service CALs.. No need for Terminal Service (Remote Desktop Service) license manager
Low cost, high value, and excellent performance in an easy-to-use solution
Support of 32 bits colors, dual-screen, bi-directional sound, USB devices and much more
Enhanced AdminTool simplifies the server management process
Advanced Application Control by user and/or by group
Fast file transfer between the user PC and the TSplus server
Extended remote printing capabilities made possible by our TSplus Universal Printer
Load balancing and failover allow up to ten servers within one farm
Secured server communication (Hide server drives, RDP firewall, encryption...)
Seamless Application Publishing and Remote APP (such as Citrix or MS RDS)
Internet Web Access using IE, Opera, Netscape, Filezilla...
Secured Web Access with SSH Tunneling, port forewarding over HTTP and HTTPS
Gateway Portal to connect to multiple servers
HTML5 client enabling connection from IPAD and Android tablets
TSplus 7.70 release announcement
With the release 7.70, we are providing 4 TSplus Editions: System Edition, Printer Edition, Web Mobile Edition and Enterprise Edition.
The Enterprise Edition includes all of TSplus features and benefits.
The Web Access and SecureWeb Edition are no more available and their features are now included into TSplus Web Mobile Edition.
The existing customer can now upgrade on-line their TSplus system to add users of the upgrade their license to a higher TSplus Edition
Support of application calling a daughter process when using a generated client or the Windows client with the Web Application Panel
Enhancement of the Web Master Toolkit.
Support of any character in the password when using the Web Portal.
Fix of the Get User List feature when started within a session or when the requested WMI service has been disabled.
Fix of the Load Balancing Web Portal error when one server was turned off.
Change of the algorithm of the load balancing when using a generated client.
Support of the new W8.1 Mobile devices when IE 11 to connect.
Enhancement of the file transfer support when using HTML5.
Fix of OpenOnClient feature; it is now possible to use it from a generated Windows and/or HTML5 client.
The logon process is using less CPU when starting one single application.
The Trial pop-up is changed and display within remote session.
The logon error when changing the Domain name with the AdminTool has been fixed.
Fix of all 7.60 known issues for the HTML5 client