Download key generator for Koji Color: Film Color LUTs Plugins for Premiere FCPX After Effects and Resolve

Koji is highly accurate motion picture film color, developed by veterans of the film industry. Each Koji film stock has been carefully color-managed from the lab through to internet delivery. Koji works with Davinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, and Autodesk Smoke.
Color by Dale Grahn
As color timer for Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola, and with hundreds of major film credits, Dale created much of the look of modern cinema. Dale leads the color team at Koji.
a simpler, faster color workflow
Koji works natively inside your editing or color correction software. Simply apply it to your footage, and use your apps color correction controls to refine the image. Koji already contains all of the necessary color space and gamma conversions required, so you can focus on your creative grade.
Based on open standards
Koji is based on standard .cube and .3dl LUTs, which are simple to use and work natively with your favorite editing or color app. Just import the LUT file, apply it, and then refine your image using the color correction controls you already know.
Designed for your camera
Koji works with a wide range of modern cameras used for digital cinema. From Canon and Panasonic DSLRs to the Arri Alexa and RED Dragon, Koji makes the most of the available color information in each frame to deliver a superb image.
Preserving true film color
In the course of developing Koji, we worked with nearly every major film lab in Hollywood, with Dale onsite to check LAD and oversee print quality at every stage. Most of the film stocks we used have since been discontinued. By painstakingly preserving the color response of these film stocks, we hope to maintain the beauty of film color for future filmmakers to use.