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Far Cry 4 - Gold Edition (Untouched) - PrePack By CorePack (PC/ENG/2014)
Genre: Action-Adventure / Open World
The action of Far Cry 4 takes us to Kyrat. It is a small fictional country situated in the Himalayas, where the inhabitants live according to traditions and simple way of life. However, the country is involved in civil war between an eccentric military warlord Pagan Min and self-proclaimed ruler Kyrat. He introduces the rule of an iron fist together with his supporters, ignoring the civilian victims of the conflict. Pagan Min who has a rampant lust for power is stopped by the rebels, who try to remove him and stop the escalation of violence. The main protagonist of the game is called Ajay Ghale. He travels to Kyrat to fulfill the wish of his dying mother. When he arrives, he becomes involved in a struggle between the supporters of the dictator and the guerrillas fighters.
During the game, the players progressively get to know the secrets of Kyrat. Thanks to its specific situation, a fictional country offers varied and interesting locations - from the snowy mountain routes to the thick forests as well as the cities, old ruins and so on. While the game, the players can move freely on the territory of the Himalayan country that is a large and open map. The players can also make a use of various means of transport. Moreover, the protagonist can take part in meditations which can move him to a fantastic land of Shangri-La.
Gold Edition Contents :-
- Far Cry 4 GAME
- Gold Edition DLC's
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