Download key generator for Titler Pro v3.0 Build 141007

Titler Pro is the powerful plugins for the montage, helps users create beautiful text effects with a variety of movements and styles. Titler Pro is probably no stranger to the film producers by developing its NewBlueFX for most professional video editing software, and professional selling today: Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Media Composer & Symphony, Vegas Pro, Vegas Movie Studio, Edius.
Titler Pro 3 builds on the powerful features that Titler Pro 2 has many new features, and more focused on the optimization of motion and 3D design tools (bevels, textures, T i) . Also, Titler Pro 3 also supports GPU to help render speeds 30 times faster than the old version on AE.
Here are the salient features would have thought the Titler Pro 3:
* Advanced Rendering: Apply bevels, textures, and materials Furniture respond to light and motion.
* Intuitive Workflow: Work with thte familiar concepts found inside Ad NLE editing.
* Dynamic animations: Achieve 2D and 3D animated titles with drag-n-drop effects and transitions.
* 3D Custom Bevels: Create unique bevels on any layer style to maximize depth.
* Dynamic Animations: Create complex animations with sophisticated yet intuitive procedural controls, with the freedom to keyframe.
* Elastic Timeline: Create vng in your title Furnishings dynamically adjust with clip length.
* EPS File Support: Import files and extrude vector logos and custom add for 3D objects.
* GPU Acceleration: Create dynamic titles with up to 30 times Faster extrusion AE renders standard coal.
* Multiple Light Sources: Create the perfect mood for your space and titles with lighting control.
* Material Mapping: Add animated normal maps Furniture respond to lighting parameters.
* Title Managment: Easily change text, images and styles for multiple titles in a consolidated interface.
New Features and Improvements
* Title Manager: Control multiple titles from a single template by marking any paragraph or texture in a design project as a variable asset. Then Quickly and Easily Edit text and / or change multiple titles in one convenient interface.
* Quick Edit UI: Simply and Easily update text and images from a title without opening the full design Titler Pro user interface; Quickly great for versioning and making simple changes on the fly.
* Elastic Timeline: Add markers fixed and elastic region title to your design template, Resulting in the more intelligent scaling of animations clip while adjusting the duration of the titles on Ad NLE timeline
User Interface Improvements
* Show / Hide video tracks in your timeline
* Collapse and expand track details to Reduce clutter while working on designs
* Select multiple paragraphs and adjust the position and orientation together h
* Apply styles and edit design parameters of multiple elements at the same time
* Additional output options nh PNG stills, MOV and chn stereoscopic (side-by-side)
* Adobe Premiere Pro CSx, CC
* Adobe After Effects CSx, CC
* Avid Media Composer & Symphony 5, 6 / 6.5
* Grass Valley Edius 6 / 6.5
* Sony Vegas Pro 10, 11, 12, 13 (64-bit OpenFX / DirectX)
* Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 (/ 64-bit OpenFX / DirectX)
Requirements - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
(Premium Recommended)
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