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FilmConvert changes the colors of Digital footage to match Film...
Real Film Grain
Add real grain to your footage, and render at up to 4k. Unlike other plugins that simply overlay film grain, FilmConvert realistically models the mount of grain required for each color and exposure level in your image.
Accurate Color Modelling
FilmConvert models the characteristics of digital sensors, and provides a complex algorithm to transform digital footage to match your favorite film stocks.
Multiple Platform Support
FilmConvert is available as Stand-alone software as well as a plugin for After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut, Motion, Vegas and Photoshop.
What is FilmConvert?
Ever since the introduction of Digital Cameras, digital evangelists have been saying how Film would eventually be superceeded and replaced. After several decades, this is finally happening. However, for many people, the look of the digital footage still leaves a lot to be desired and doesn't look as good straight out of the camera.
Version 2.17 - 22 Oct 2014
Added support for interlaced sequences.
Added 3D LUT size options. Fixed bug in LUT "Save As" dialog.
Added the ability to export a 3D lut of all the color changes made in the plugin.
Added improvements to the camera chooser UI.
Support: After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5.5, CS6, CC & CC 2014
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