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vEmotion is a perfect VoIP audio assistant. It flawlessly records VoIP calls into MP3 or WAV files with data and infos encrypted and password protected. Also add life to your VoIP voice convsations. Enjoyable things include background music, voice emotion (lively audio clips), text to speech that enable you to talk without openning your mouth. vEmotion for VoIP is compatible with nearly all VoIP clients. Other VoIP clients, such as TelTel, VoIPCheap, VoIPStunt, are supported via simple user customization. You can tune up all these IM and VoIP clients with single installation of the software.
Main features:
Add voice emotions to and set background music for IM voice conversations.
Play a greeting message on beginning of a voice conversation.
Set local volume and volume of your conversation partners separately.
Mute microphone, so as to enhance audio quality for your partners.
Record calls into audio files (dual-trace or single-trace), and manage (sort, find, replay) records.
Change sample rate (audio frequency) after a voice conversation is recorded.
Real-time memoire for voice conversations. Feel free to write about what you are talking about before you forget.
Display the actual epoch (time at which the call took place) while replaying a call record.
Microphone recorder. You can record a voice, then send it to your friends via vEmotion.
Support MP3 and WAVE audio formats.
Edit and play VEA (Voice Emotion Audio) files. Supported image formats include gif, jpg, png, ico, wfm, emf.
Export audio data from VEA files.
Ability to run as a stand-alone audio player.
OS : Windows XP/2000/2003/2008/VISTA/7/8
Language: English
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