Download key generator for Vision-Color - ImpulZ 1.1 LUTs

These are the 3D LUTs you have been Googleing for! Make no mistake about it ImpulZ is the worlds finest library of motion picture film LUTs emulating 35mm celluloid film. visionCOLOR a filmmaking resource company has partnered with me to bring you the same 35mm look found in the Hollywood DI process!
Featuring some of the worlds most sought after still and motion picture Kodak and Fuji film negatives. ImpulZ LUTs accurately achieves the color and look of analog film for your camera and for your software. With 3 versions to choose from Basic Pro and Ultimate ImpulZ is scalable to fit your needs and your budget.
LUT effect or plugin:
Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Lumetri
Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC: Image ? Adjustments ? Color Lookup
Adobe After Effects CS6/CC: Effects ? Utility ? Apply Color LUT
Nuke: Vectorfield
SCRATCH: Color Scraffolds
Final Cut Pro X: LUT Utility*
Software Requirements:
Youll need one of the following color grading/editing applications to work with the ImpulZ LUTs:
DaVinci Resolve (Full & Lite)
Adobe Speedgrade
Adobe Premiere CC
Adobe After Effects CS6/CC
Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC
Final Cut Pro X
Avid MC 7
Pandora Revolution/Pixi
CineForm Studio Premium
Film Master
Quantel Pablo
Motion 5
What' NEW in ImpulZ 1.1 :
- Fixed interpolation issues in Resolve by increasing patch density from 17? to 64? & 32?
- Fixed file-encoding related bug causing Final Cut Pro X to crash when loading Color Implosion LUTs
- New universal .cube syntax which is going to be compatible with even more applications including LUT Buddy while increasing compression ratio of 64? patches by ~70%.
- New input profile calibrations for Blackmagic Production Camera with 1.8 firmware update.
- New Vision 2383 emulation with re-adjusted printer lights for better chroma linearity in the mids.
- Completely re-scanned film grain: No more compression artifacts & color shifts.
- 2.5k Grain now covers entire frame of BMCC footage.
- Updated product documentation with more details on camera settings, input & output profiles and workflow examples.