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FilmConvert Pro Plugin for After Effects and Premiere v2.16 (Mac OS X)
Size: 85.1 MB
Language: English
FilmConvert PRO - is a plugin for After Effects or Premiere, makes the picture like a movie.
The quality of your video file does not suit you, then use the program FilmConvert.
FilmConvert - provides a sophisticated algorithm for converting digital frames according to your requests. FilmConvert - this is the best emulator film, from all that
you've ever seen. It allows you to perform color correction and add special noises that are inherent in modern film movie cameras, which together will transform the
image with a digital camera image of cinematic "film" quality.
What's new in 2.16
Version 2.16 - 25 Jun 2014
Added 3D LUT size options.
Previous updates:
Version 2.15 - 17 Jun 2014
Added the ability to export a 3D lut of all the color changes made in the plugin.
Version 2.14 - 9 Jun 2014
Added improvements the camera chooser UI.
The procedure for treatment:
Run the patch and the open window patch drag plugin (need administrator rights)
The patch is applied to the plug in the following path:
/ Library / Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/CS5.5/MediaCore/FilmConvertPro2.1.plugin
/ Library / Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore/FilmConvertPro2.1.plugin
Courtesy of Special [K]
* When applying the patch, you may be prompted to download the Developer Tools (Xcode), just close this window (do not need to download anything)
System requirements:
OSX 10.7.4 or above. Mavericks is strongly recommended.
An OpenCL version 1.0 capable graphics card and runtime system.
For GPU acceleration:
HD rendering requires a minimum of 256 Mb of video memory
4k rendering requires a minimum of 1 Gb of video memory.
Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro CS5.5 or later.
Treatment: Complete
Type of medicine: patch