Download key generator for Adobe PhotoShop CS6 Extended v13.0.1 + Camera Raw v8.4

This is the best and working version of PhotoShop CS6 Extended I found (in AstalaVista website).
Unlike those CS6 posted earlier by other users in Pirate Bay which are v13.0.0 with Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) v6.x, this is v13.0.1 and come with ACR v8.4 (many models of camera and lens profiles added).
Virus and Malware Test
1) After downloading, I scanned the file with Kaspersky AV 2014 and Malwarebytes Free. It is CLEAN.
2) After installing, I ran a full scan with Kaspersky AV 2014. It is CLEAN.
Important Notes About This Installation File
I tested installing this file on Windows 7 and also Windows 8. The only DRAWBACKS of this copy are:
1) It will automatically install both 32-bit and 64-bit Photoshop without an option to choose from. It will produce 2 icons on the desktop. So I keep the one saying "Photoshop CS6 x64" and deleted the other one.
2) There is no uninstall option. It will not add any uninstall entry under Windows' "Programs and Features". To uninstall, simply delete the related folder.