Download key generator for Network Notepad Professional Edition 1.0.223

Network Notepad Professional Edition is a software tool that was built in order to help you design network diagrams and save them for further analysis and safekeeping.
Features include:
Tabbed multi-page diagrams.
Improved graphics.
Customizable shapes.
Grouping and Locking.
Rotate Objects and Text.
What's new in Network Notepad Professional
Work on diagrams as normal at any zoom level.
Rotate objects and text. Drag and Drop the corner of an object or a label to rotate it or set the angle in the Format Text and Object Properties Forms.
Resize objects using the mouse.
Shapes. Format Shape lets you customise shapes.
Multi page diagrams. Insert Page to add page tabs along the bottom of the window.
Print Preview.
Object grouping and locking. Select parent object followed by child objects and then Format > Group.
Auto align links.
Format > Print Quality allows you to increase the resolution of your drawings.
Automatic updates. Configure via the setup form. Click Help > Check for updates.
OS : Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000
Language: English