Download key generator for Spectrasonics - Omnisphere 1.5.7d VSTi RTAS AAX AU

Update synthesizer Omnisphere. Company Spectrasonics, known in the past for its superb original vst- instruments completed work on his brainchild , created a few years - a revolutionary next-gen synthesizer based semplovogo stream- real-time simulation . Omnisphere officially went on sale Sept. 15 for about 400 euros. In addition to 40 GB of extraterrestrial sounds and effects , providing an opportunity to make a unique sound , the kit also included the legendary Library " Atmospheres ."
Up to 10 synth or sample oscillators per patch , cool unison detyuning , FM oscillators , 6 LPO on a patch , a unique dual system of ADSR envelope or multitochenaya , a unique system of chaos envelopes , a unique system of two-layer filters, the possibility of granular synthesis , rivers modulating effetkami and .... 8 arpeggiator for 8 voices ! And all this is offered as a sound from Spectrasonics. Generally it is not a synth bomb sonicheskaya
What would be better to reveal certain functions tool , turn to describe it:
- Omnisphere synthesizer operates as a hybrid modulation , including a Variable Waveshaping DSP synthesis , Granular synthesis , shifting timbre , FM , and other kinds of synthesis implemented using high-resolution sampler , Harmony -, Chaos Envelopes -, providing the opportunity to work at Flex-Mod - making a unique sound ( impressive? )
- The product includes a unique psycho-acoustic sounds created by using new technology Composite Morphing Technique (CMT).
- 40 (!) + GB of sounds from the legendary sound of " Atmospheres "
- Dozens of built-in effects , filters, and other aspects of high kachestva.Uluchshenie tool in this version:
- Support for Pro Tools AAX 64 -bit platform
- "All Spectrasonics" Directory
(browse all Spectrasonics sounds without third party tagging interference.)
- Directory Menu Separator between Factory / User Libraries
- Live and Stack dimming when not in use
corrections :
- Interim support for sandboxed audio unit hosts (Garageband X / Logic X)
- Browser view mode crash in Pro Tools 11
- Copy / paste layer not disabled on multi page
- OSX Cursor problems
- Waveshaper crash with high input levels
- Layer link status saved in patch
- Sustain mode 2
- Live mode dragged slot save / restore
- Search field requiring multiple clicks
- Mixer pan routing after part effects
- Filter Modulation Aliasing
- Filter preset menus interference
- Multi browser steppers
- Reference Guide link to online manual