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Orchestral String Arpeggios is the second product in the "Orchestral String" from Dynamic Sound Sampling. The library contains 58 arpeggio loops Violins (1st and 2nd) and violas with 16/18 triplets. The library uses a pseudo round-robin technique to change the start of each loop. You can fully control the first and second violins, violas, tutti and solo violin additional t alto. Six instruments for each section, each of which covers inversion major and minor, as well as up and down.
Articulations & Instruments:
1st Violin
2nd Violin
Tutti (all of the above)
Solo Violin
Solo Viola
(each of the above sections have the following instruments. The numbers refer to the invervals in a chord; ie. 1 = root, 3 = min third, 7 = fifth, 12 = root an octave above)
16th Figures
1-3-7-12 (up & down with 1st & 2nd inversions; inc. major & minor)
1-7-12-7 (up & down with 1st inversion)
1-3-7-3 (up & down with 1st & 2nd inversions; inc. major & minor)
8th Triplet Figures
1-7-1 (up & down with 1st inversion)
1-3-7 (up & down with 1st & 2nd inversions; inc. major & minor)
1-7-12 (up & down with 1st inversion
Technical details:
- 44.1 kHz/*.ncw compressed (24 bit)
- 8,133 samples
- 36 instrument files
- Requires 6.33 GB of hard-drive space
- Requires Kontakt 4.2 (retail version)
(Premium Recommended)
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